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For many gamers, today marks the monumental release of Metal Gear Solid 5, signalling the series' first foray into open world sandbox territory. Predictably, rave reviews have declared it a masterpiece. Turns out however that MGS5 isn't the only open world sandbox game charging onto consoles today that's also worth your attention – don't forget that everyone's favourite Road Warrior Mad Max also made his game debut today.

It's unfortunate because everyone knows that Mad Max has little chance of fending off MGS5. It's a best-selling series with a fanbase stretching over 25 years, and we fully expect history to repeat itself with MGS5.

On the other hand, the Mad Max film series has been around a little longer, and has had a resurgance in popularity this year thanks to the release of the critically acclaimed Fury Road, a film that was a breath of fresh air with its reliance on practical vehicle stuntwork and visual storytelling against the copious comic book adaptations and rehashed sequels we've been subjected to in recent years. Granted, Fury Road was a sort of sequel as well, even if it was more of a reboot. The point is, it's the first Mad Max film in 30 years so it still managed to feel fresh. 

In theory, then, there's never been a better time to launch a Mad Max game – but releasing it even a week earlier could have affected its sales significantly had it not collided with MGS5. No doubt we'll find out how it fared in the coming weeks.

To mark the release, Warner Bros. have released an obligatory launch trailer, showcasing the vehicular carnage, hand-to-hand combat and shady inhabitants you'll encounter in the apocalpytic wasteland.


Unfortunately, the fact is many gamers will only be able to justify one game purchase this month. So, who do you think will win this brawl: Big Boss or Mad Max? 

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