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In this week's Weekly Racing Video Game News round-up, DriveClub takes pole position with a series of new extended full race gameplay videos that leave us gawping at its gorgeous graphics. It's come a very long way since its debut at E3, and should only look better in its final release this October. The devil's in the detail: not only do the cars look exquisite, but Evolution has gone to considerable effort to model the environments with just as much care.

Take the Canadian forest track, for example – whereas most games make do with a barren field with a few lowly-detailed trees dotted around it, this track features over one million fully modelled trees, all of which can be seen far out into the distance. Obsessive? Yes. Unnecessary? Probably. But it's details like these that set DriveClub apart. 

It's not just a pretty face, either: its engine sounds put Polyphony to shame, as demonstrated by a panoramic video of a Ferrari F12, where the engine notes bite with generous ferocity.

Elsewhere, MotoGP '14 reignited the frame rate flame wars with the revelation that it will be locked to 30 fps on PS4. Like DriveClub, this doesn't mean you should disregard it, though. From our point of view, the graphical prowess is approaching photorealisitc, which more than compensates for its frame rate foibles.

Fanatec also continued to bombard us with Wheel Rim announcements, with the unveiling of the Flat1 and GT Rim in the same week. This bring the number of new product reveals to six in just over two weeks. What will next week bring?

All this and more can be found in your Weekly Racing Video Game News round-up embedded below. Links to all articles discussed in the video can be found below.


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