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News Watch Sony’s E3 2017 press conference here


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Following in the wake of yesterday's jam-packed conference from Microsoft, Sony will be hosting its own E3 2017 press conference on Wednesday 13th June from 2am British Summer Time.

Much like the Microsoft conference, only one racing game – Gran Turismo Sport – is expected to be featured at the Sony show. We've already had confirmation that a new release window for the title will be announced during the conference, and it's highly likely that additional details will also be disclosed during the event.

An array of new first-party titles will be joining Gran Turismo Sport at E3 2017, with many of the more notable titles announced at Sony's E3 conference last year expected to be given more comprehensive demonstrations this time around. Likewise, new PlayStation VR experiences will almist certainly be showcased, and there'll be third-party games aplenty at the Sony event – with one title we're expecting to see again at E3 being Star Wars Battlefront II.

Much like previous E3 conferences, Sony will be livestreaming the event on YouTube and Twitch, with both streams being embedded below. It'll also be possible to watch Sony's E3 conference live via the official PlayStation Facebook page, as well as the PlayStation Live website. live video from PlayStation on

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