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News Watch Microsoft’s Gamescom 2017 press conference here


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Microsoft will be kicking off the press conferences at the Gamescom expo, with the livestream for its presentation set to commence at 8pm BST tonight.

Whilst there likely won't be many (if any) major declarations, it's expected that Microsoft will reveal new details and promotional material on upcoming titles – in particular, games that will be showcases of the Xbox One X console.

Of the titles we expect to be featured, the most important one for us here at Team VVV will be Forza Motorsport 7. With Gamescom being the last big media event before Forza Motorsport 7's launch, it's highly likely the last major pre-release details on the game will be disclosed during the conference.

However, with the title's car line-up and track list reveals being rather light on new content and features, it's perhaps wise to temper expectations and refrain from anticipating any big surprises during the event.

The Microsoft Gamescom 2017 conference will be broadcasted live via the official Xbox channels on YouTube and Mixer. The YouTube stream player has been embedded below.


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