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News Hammond attempts to rewrite his own painful history in The Grand Tour Game


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Game: The Grand Tour Game

Platform: PS4, XBox One

Publisher: Amazon

Release Date: 15/01/2019

We are speeding ever closer to the launch day of The Grand Tour Game and to help get our automotive juices flowing, a couple of new videos of the upcoming racer have been released into the wild.

The teaser videos once again feature the full line up (Clarkson, Hammond and May) of the entertainment show The Grand Tour playing The Grand Tour Game with the usual witty comments and general banter thrown in for our entertainment.

In one video Hammond drives the Rimac Concept One car as he (once again) attempts the Hemberg Hill Climb where he famously lost control and tumbled off the hill luckily escaping with his life as the electric supercar was left engulfed in flames.

May weighs in just before the off “This is Hammond’s opportunity to rewrite history by braking and turning left!”, see what happens for yourself below.

A second video showcasing the upcoming racer also came to light recently, you can take a look at the split-screen action below.

The Grand Tour Game is based on the Amazon Prime series The Grand Tour (shock horror) and will deliver episodic gameplay to coincide with the next series of The Grand Tour which kicks off on January 18, 2019.

The title originally had a price point of £24.99, however, the price has now been slashed to just £11.99 on both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles. Two episodes based on series 1 and 2 will be available on the launch date of January 15, 2019.

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