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We don't tend to cover non-driving games here on Team VVV, but when we found out a Spider Tank will feature in Watch Dogs, we thought we'd make an exception.

Officially confirmed by developer Ubisoft Montreal in the latest info release, the Spider Tank can only be accessed in Watch Dogs through one of the title's newly-announced "Digital Trip" mini-games.

The main aim is – appropriately enough – to rack up as many points as you can, by using the Spider Tank's arsenal of machine guns, rockets and legs to destroy nigh on everything in sight.

Prospective players under the impression the Spider Tank can only be used on horizontal surfaces will also be pleased to know you can drive this invertebrate-inspired war machine up any solid surface in the game.

Much like the protagonist Aiden Pearce's hacking abilities, the Spider Tank has its own tree of upgrades, to ensure added ease in obliterating Watch Dog's Chicago setting. No details of what these extra abilities are have been disclosed at time of writing.

Whilst no official Spider Tank gameplay clips have been released by Ubisoft as of yet, it is possible to see Watch Dogs' arachnid mech in action via the Eurogamer video below.

Those of you now itching to wreak havoc with a Spider Tank in Ubisoft's virtual hacker playground of Chicago won't have to wait much longer, as Watch Dogs is scheduled for a May 27th release on the PS4, Xbox One, PS3, Xbox 360 and PC. All of you WiiU owners will need to be a bit more patient, however, as the Nintendo version is still listed as a Q4 2014 release.

Image credit: Ubisoft/UbiBlog

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