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News Warhammer 40000: Dawn Of War III revealed in first trailer


Tom Fancett


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In a surprise announcement this week SEGA dropped a trailer announcing a new entry in the Warhammer gaming series: Dawn of War III.

The franchise was presumed dead after THQ (the parent company of developers Relic – the studio behind the previous titles) went under. A purchase of the studio at the last minute by SEGA saw the team stay together but the IP for the 4k gaming series was not believed to be picked up. Well, whatever deals were necessary to produce this title have obviously been concluded as SEGA dropped this epic trailer below. Fans of the series will be quick to notice a number of units that have not previously been seen in the Dawn of War series. 


In a press release from SEGA the games Executive Producer, Stephen MacDonald, stated his belief that "This is the Dawn of War the fans have been waiting for” and it’s hard to argue with the trailer on show. Granted the action is all pre rendered however it gives the viewer some idea of the gravitas the title will display

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