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News VR support coming to DiRT Rally 2.0 this summer


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Game: DiRT Rally 2.0

Platform: PC, PS4, XBox One

Publisher: Codemasters

Release Date: 26/02/2019

In a surprise twist, Codemasters has today confirmed DiRT Rally 2.0 will support the Oculus Rift VR headset at some point this “summer”.

The news was shared via the official DiRT social media channels, you can check out the tweet below.

Sadly we don’t have an exact date for Oculus Rift support, nor is there any mention of HTC Vive or indeed PSVR support right now.

Late last year, Chief Game Designer Ross Gowing stated that they are taking people’s comments on wanting VR support on board and should there be “enormous demand” it could be something they include in a future update.

Although DiRT Rally fans have been using the #NoVRNoBuy hashtag in a lot of places in the last few months, it’s hard to imagine those wanting VR falls into high enough numbers to equate to “enormous demand” given the fact that the DiRT Rally 2.0 VR petition has only just over 5,000 signatures.

However, it’s worth noting the “@Oculus heard you” part of the tweet above which could suggest that Oculus Rift may have helped to fund the project – I’m just thinking out loud here so take it with a pinch of salt.

Regardless, this will come as great news for Oculus Rift owners but also leaves those with HTC Vive and PSVR headsets sweating somewhat. Let’s keep our fingers crossed for additional platform support soon.


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3 years ago

DR2.0 is a full price Early Access, I will buy the game at the holliday sale at the end of the year.

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