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News VR racer Bank Limit: Advanced Battle Racing gearing up for Oculus Rift launch


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Bank Limit: Advanced Battle Racing is currently on schedule for release for the Oculus Rift on March 28.

The futuristic VR racer, developed by Tastee Beverage Studios, promises to break free from the traditional racing genre by providing a thrilling experience of racing at thousands of miles per hour from within the cockpit viewpoint. Check out the trailer below.

Bank Limit: ABR takes what we love about classic high-octane combat racers and blasts it into a future where you feel the thrilling vertigo of cresting a massive drop, the kick of acceleration when you Boost and the heat of no-holds-barred battles,” commented Harley Benedict, Co-Founder and Lead Programmer of Tastee Beverage Studios. “Designed specifically to take advantage of Oculus Rift hardware and the horsepower of advanced gaming PCs, Bank Limit: ABR will bring players blazing speed, furious combat and hard-hitting competition with a new level of VR intensity.

As you race along you'll need to keep your wits about you as there are other ships and asteroids to dodge around, not to mention you'll also be fighting enemy ships with your lasers and missiles. Bank Limit does away with the often tedius rubber banding in favour of AI that responds to your moves and adjusts accordingly which should make for a more realistic and satisfying experience according to Tastee Beverage.

Bank Limit: Advanced Battle Racing will feature single and multiplayer modes with 15 tracks from three different worlds, and the racing action can accommodate up to 24 cars at once.

If you can't wait until release, why not check out the demo, (you'll need a beefy graphics card though) more info can be found on the official site. No price points have yet been revealed.

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