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You may recall that a short while ago, we published a piece on a new fast Volvo, the S60 Polestar, and speculated as to what exactly it would have lurking under the swoopy Swedish bodywork.

Well, now Volvo has officially revealed the full tech spec of the Polestar. And it sure is a mighty collection of numbers and figures.

Though there’s no Yamaha-fiddled 4.4 V8 under the bonnet, the S60 does come with a revamped version of the firm’s 3.0 turbocharged straight -six, which now churns out a very meaty 501bhp. It’s substantially more than almost all of its current rivals from Audi, BMW and Mercedes, and as Volvo claims a top speed of 186mph as well, it’s also substantially faster as well.

To cope with all this power, the S60 needed plenty of beefing up if it were to survive the fury of a twin-turbo ‘we’re starting to nudge things up to 11, now’ motor. The front and rear tracks have been widened by 20 and 40mm respectively in order to fit the larger tyres that are needed to cope with the power, with the 19 inch rims themselves cloaking the large Brembo brakes that are needed to slow the car down from such ferocious speeds.

It’s all very fine and dandy, and we reckon that this might be one of the very few Volvos in the world that can excite a majority of the world’s population. However, there’s one figure that we’d love to be able to quote you, and that’s the price tag. And the reason why we can’t inform you of the RRP is because this is, for the time being, just a one-off concept car.

I’m sure that, if you’re a very wealthy person who can afford to put several zeroes on the end of a cheque made payable to Volvo Motors, I’m sure they’d consider selling it to you. But for now, this very impressive car remains the closest we’ll get to a production-ready M3 rival from Scandinavia.

There is hope, though. After all, Volvo and the peeps at Polestar wouldn’t overhaul an S60 to this level if no one would have been interested in it, and if there’s enough demand for it, it could enter a very limited production run at the very least.

So, who here wants to start the ‘Get Volvo to make the S60 Polestar” petition?

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