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Back in March, I was invited to a community event at Ivory Tower, a developer studio formed seven years ago in Lyon, France, who are working on Ubisoft's ambitious open world CARPG The Crew. During this visit, I was able to get exclusive behind the scenes access to the game, and you can read my thoughts in my extensive hands-on.  

The team at Ivory Tower are passionate about getting the community actively involved with The Crew. As such, the event was designed to give a group of excited fans from all corners of the globe a unique opportunity to meet the team, a tour of the studio and, of course, hands-on time with The Crew to share their feedback with the developers.  

Practically every moment of the two day event was filmed, to the point it felt like being in an episode of Big Brother at times – we were even filmed eating breakfast.

Ubisoft has now condensed two days-worth of footage into a 7 minute long video documenting the event which is available to view on their YouTube channel, featuring previously unseen footage of the game and interviews with the developers, as well as plenty of shots of us nerding out at The Crew. Look out for me giving it everything on the wheel. 


Special thanks to Soufyane Brahimi for organising the event and to all the team at Ivory Tower for being fantastic hosts. 

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