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News Vehicular combat title Hardware: Rivals coming to PS4 on January 5th


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Its been recently announced that Hardware: Rivals, a crazy vehicular combat title, will release exclusively for the PlayStation 4 console on January 5.

This will probably make Hardware: Rivals the very first automotive game to release in 2016, which is shaping up to be potentially an incredible year for the automotive/racing genre. In Hardware: Rivals (which is the sequel to Hardware: Online Arena, released on the PlayStation 2) you'll battle it out with others in a range of vehicles from the slow, heavy and powerful tanks to the fast, nimble but vulnerable buggies.

According to the development team, Connected Content Group (CCG) at Sony, Hardware: Rivals will keep much of Hardware: Online Arena's spirit but will be adding a ton of upgrades and new features including several game modes, challenges and special events. Hardware: Rivals can be played solo or within a team, as you blast your way through multiple maps and earn bounties battling against your greatest rivals.

CCG have been busy tweaking their vehicular combat title since the game's beta trial in October and have since added an additional map to the roster – Outpost 92, a deep core mining facility set in a icy tundra environment. CCG also promise more maps are on the way which will be made available shortly after its launch on January 5. Furthermore, the development team are working on weekly community events, mixing up game modes, weapons and rewards which should help to keep the game fresh.

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