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News V0.9.67 hotfix released for Automobolista Motorsports Simulator


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Game: Automobilista Motorsports Simulator

Platform: PC

Publisher: Reiza Studios

Release Date: 24/08/2015

Reiza Studios have recently released a new v0.9.67 hotfix for their PC racing sim Automobilista Motorsports Simulator.

Automobilista Motorsports Simulator Mini CuritibaThe hotfix addresses some issues players were having with the v0.9.6 update released towards the end of last month. Reiza Studios have apologised to players regarding the recent issues found within multiplayer races, their comments can be read below.

Our apologies to anyone who may have had Multiplayer races compromised this past week by issues with detection on pit entry. Thanks to your feedback we have managed to make quick progress fine-tuning the system and adding some new options, along with some other adjustments also included in this release.

You can view the full v0.9.7 hotfix changelog below.

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V0.9.7 changelog:

Added TRACK LIMIT RULES on/off UI switch to RULES menu (valid for single player only)

Adjusted track limit corridors in all tracks

Exceeding track limits in race conditions now awards a drive-thru (rather than Stop/Go)

Added driving aid weight penalties to all cars (to compensate for potential performance advantages when using aids other than the ones built-in to any given car)

Small overall tweak to AI draft stickiness to make them a bit less hesitant to move out of the draft for a pass;

Revised rear wing aero maps for Marcas, StockV8, Montana, (leading to less rear wing downforce in lower settings relative to previou versions); minor aero adjustments to Metalmoro, F3, Lancer Cup, Mini, Opala 86 cars

DynHUD: Fixed error causing Editor not to work

VIR: Tweaked trackside TV cameras

Granja: Added missing tire barriers

Marcas: Added onboard adjustable anti-roll bars

Montana: Adjusted damper rates

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