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News Urban Trial Freestyle 2 coming to 3DS soon


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Developer and Publisher Tate Multimedia recently announced that a sequel to Urban Trial Freestyle will be heading exclusively to the 3DS eShop soon.

urban trial freestyle 2 nintendo 3ds The sequel to the 2013 obstacle-based title is expected to land “early 2017” and promises lots of new content. So much content in fact that it will boast double that of the original. That's not all though, the game will feature a level editor and an online sharing tool which will enable you to share your creations with others significantly increasing the number of track possibilities.

Customisation is at the heart of Urban Trial Freestyle 2 so you can expect a bevy of bike and rider customisation options which should allow you to tinker as much as you wish to find that perfect setup and look. New environments will make it in, including the Skate Park, Highway, Urban Parkour, Industrial and the Suburbs.

"We're incredibly excited to be back after three years since Urban Trial Freestyle was first launched!" Says Paul Leskowicz VP at Tate Multimedia. "We've been listening to our fans and have added a number of innovative new features which will allow you to take your game further, including the communities most requested feature – sharing customised maps with your friends online!" Leskowicz continues, "We're also excited to reveal that we are looking at other platforms for Urban Trial Freestyle and would love to develop for future consoles!"

We'll no doubt have more on Urban Trial Freestyle 2 as we get closer to launch, for now why not feast your eyes on the trailer below and let us know if you'd like to see this title on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One or Switch in the comments.

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