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News Upcoming free Rocket League mode will introduce breakable floors


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Rocket League is easily earning the “gift that keeps on giving” tagline thanks to a steady wealth of content. Its latest free add-on, coming March 22, is a new mode which introduces dynamic breakable floors and an electrified ball.

Entitled “Dropshot”, the new mode takes place within a new hexagonal arena and your objective is to destroy panels on the opposing team's floor which opens gaps. Simply directing a ball into these gaps then grants your team a goal, so there's no traditional goal to aim for.

Developer Psyonix explain that each panel can be hit by a ball twice – the first hit activates it, whereas the second destroys it thus creating a potential scoring opportunity. If this all sounds a little complicated, cast your eyes below at the Dropshot trailer which shows the mode in all its glory.

To coincide with the new Dropshot mode on March 22, Psyonix will also have a “host of other changes” coming to the hit car-football tile including new achievements/trophies, painted Bodies and Rocket Trails, an Esports content button, the end of Competitive Season 3, a new Skill Tier hierarchy, and more.

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