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News Upcoming Ferrari hypercar to be inspired by classic Le Mans racer


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Considering it's one of the most highly anticipated cars of the year, and that it'll allegedly be making its public debut at the Geneva Motor Show in March, it's perhaps a tad surprising that hardly anything about the upcoming Ferrari flagship has been revealed.

However, a vague hint has given us at least a mental picture of what the 'F70'/'F150'/'whatever they decide to call it' will look like.

According to a report by the Italian website www.0-100.it, the styling of the new car will take plenty of cues from the firm's Le Mans racer from fifty years ago, the 1963 250 LM.

And, whilst we only have two official teaser shots of the F150 to rely on for comparison, it's clear to see there are a few aesthetic similarities between the two – whilst the front may not share that much in common with the Le Mans car, the voluptuous rear and the pair of circular tail lights do seem to have been inspired by those on the vintage Ferrari.


Of course, the rest of the details are pretty much as vague as they get (though we do hope the slightly awkward-looking roof on the 250 LM doesn't find its way onto the upcoming halo hypercar). However, it does mean the folk who do artist's impressions for the world's many motoring titles should have a field day with this new bit of info to go on.

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