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News Upcoming Avalanche Studios game to feature “next-gen vehicle experience”?


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An upcoming game from Avalanche Studios could have a prominent focus on vehicles.

In a new Tools Programmer job listing at Avalanche's New York studio, the Just Cause developer stated that one of the requirements of the role will be "supporting the vehicle artists, vehicle programmers and vehicle designers in delivering a AAA next gen vehicle experience."

The listing goes on to say the end goal is to "deliver a stunning and diverse range of vehicles, in terms of handling, physics simulation and destruction rendition".

It's currently unknown what game Avalanche Studios is working on, though it's worth pointing out that the New York studio did develop the recently-released Just Cause 3 open-world sandbox title.

As the Just Cause series is renowned for its "destruction rendition", it's likely that Avalanche's New York outpost is working on Just Cause 4.

Though it wasn't created by the New York studio, Avalanche also developed the licensed Mad Max video game tha was released earlier in 2015. You can read our full review of this year's Mad Max game here.

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