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News Unlikely secret agents Mort & Phil race onto mobile devices


Kevin Dooley


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Spanish developers The Big Ball Studios have unleashed the most unlikely secret agents you'll ever see onto mobile devices in the form of Mort & Phil: Frenzy Drive.

The two agents have been heroes in their native Spain for over 50 years and you can now sample the not-so-dynamic duo on your iOS or Android device for free. Take a peak at the trailer below.

Mort & Phil: Frenzy Drive sees you weaving through traffic and fending off attacks from enemies at a swipe of your finger. To aid you in your quest you'll be acquiring weapons like the catapult, blunderbuss or bazooka and even take on disguises with some really silly and colourful costumes. Vehicles in Frenzy drive range from Vesper Sidecars and motorbikes to sports cars and rickshaws.

Although the game is free, you have the option to purchase coins with real money to speed up the process of upgrading 
your arsenal, wardrobe and weapons. You can take a closer look at the two hapless heroes on The App Store and The Play Store.


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