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Game: Project CARS

Platform: PC, PS4, XBox One

Publisher: Bandai Namco

Release Date: 06/05/2015

With the much anticipated release of Project CARS this week comes the obligatory limited edition. Available exclusively at GAME here in the UK, the Project CARS limited edition steelbook has been sold out for several months on PS4 and Xbox One, so expect to pay sky high prices on ebay – some sellers are already charging as much as £99.99 to lure collectors. At time of writing, GAME do still have some stock left for the PC version retailing at £34.99. The PS4 and Xbox One editions were originally sold for £59.99. 

The steelbook is essentially a clean version of the standard cover art with a premium, glossy finish – I particularly like the spot gloss effect on the driver silhouette when the light shines on it. The back of the package contains a smattering of community screenshots.

Opening the package reveals the slip with a code to redeem the Limited Edition car pack, giving you instant access to  the BMW M1 Procar, Sauber C9, MClaren F1, Mercedes C Class DTM and the Ford MK4. Currently, these extra cars are only accessible in the limited edition, which has disgruntled some players – particularly as it's only sold in the UK. Hopefully the they will be released for the standard game as standalone DLC later down the line. You can also view Project CARS' full car list we posted recently.

Oh, and then there's the most essential part of the package: the game disc. Is it just me who sadistically smells the factory fresh disc after opening? 


Also included is a swish making of book entitled #BYRACERS4RACERS that delves into various aspects of the development, with lots of behind the scenes photos and information detailing the creation of the cars and tracks and the weather effects among other aspects, plus insight from some of the real racing drivers that were involved with the development, such as the ex Stig, Ben Collins. It's a shame the book isn't a hardback considering the premium price of the steelbook, but at least the paper is still glossy. 

Steelbooks have become increasingly collectible among film fans – it’s rare to see a new film released without a steelbook version these days. Recently, Steelbooks have starting to infiltrate the games industry too, so I thought I’d dig out a few of my own racing game steelbooks I’ve collected over the years, including DriveClub, Gran Turismo 6 and Driver Parallel Lines which you can see in the unboxing video. F1 2015 is also getting the steelbook treatment next month, although the design is looking a bit on the bland side if you ask me. 

Do you have any favourite racing game collectible editions? Let us know in the comments below. As always, you can expect more Project CARS coverage on our YouTube channel and the TeamVVV website. 

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