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News Ultra high-speed futuristic racer Geometry Shift lands on Kickstarter


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Geometry Shift is a ultra high-speed anti gravity racer which is currently under development by indie company Studios.

The game has recently appeared on the popular crowdfunding site Kickstarter after successfully being greenlit on Steam last month. The indie developers are asking for £47,500 to fund Geometry Shift and have so far raised £137 with 19 days of the campaign left to run.

Geometry Shift will contain 30+ tracks which feature a range of interesting sections such as loops, spirals, tubes, half pipes and more. Your goal is to progress through the game's tiers and ranks to unlock the more complex and difficult tracks.

Geometry Shift will feature several modes with circuit, sprint and team races as well as elimination and time trial modes with more to come according to Studios. You can try the Windows prototype demo of Geometry Shift found on indiedb.com.

Let us know what you make of Geometry Shift and tell us which game it reminds you of.

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