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News Two-wheeled PC arcade racer Super Night Riders gets 40% discount


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The PC arcade bike racer (inspired by the likes of Hang On among other racing classics) has recently had its price slashed by 40%, meaning you can get in on the action for under a fiver.

In Super Night Riders you'll take on the role of Alice, also known as the red rider, with a suitably red bike and matching riding gear. Super Night Riders does away with traditional racing action in favour of a checkpoint system where you race against not others but the clock all while overtaking your rival riders. To get a feel for the racer check out some gameplay below.

As you can see from the gameplay above the game zips along at a decent pace which is sure to test your reflexes. The game doesn't skimp on tracks with an impressive tally of 36 stages spread across 6 different environments which provide some variety.

The retro polygonal style seems to be making somewhat of a comeback lately with the likes of Racing Apex, Krautscape and now Super Night Riders getting in on the classic 80's art approach. Super Night Riders can be found on Steam for £4.19.

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