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Astragon Entertainment have released Truck Simulation 16 for Android and iOS devices.

In Truck Simulation 16 you'll get behind the wheel of seven different fully licensed real-world trucks, including several examples from German manufacturers MAN. You'll have access to great expanses of road (310 in-game miles) as you travel across Western and Central Europe. Starting with a less than stellar and very old truck you'll work your way up to better, more modern and faster trucks as you progress.

The game impressively features cockpit views based on the respected real cabins and there are a total of eight different trailers to haul (with a variety of semi-trailers too). Successfully delivering various cargoes will net you cash rewards which can be used to purchase better trucks which include five MAN tractor units and even the original Castrol Team Hahn racing truck.

The game's missions vary from the usual order all the way up to the transportation of hazardous goods which comes with it obvious challenge. The trick with Truck Simulator 16 is to complete journeys both safety and on time, doing so will net you bonuses which you can re-invest into your company. For example in the management menu you have the option to employ new workers which will bring you in additional money. 

Truck Simulator 16 can be purchased on the Play Store and the App Store.

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