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News Truck Driver in “final stages of development”


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Game: Truck Driver

Platform: PC, PS4, XBox One

Publisher: SOEDESCO

Release Date: 2020 (PC version)

The CEO of Triangle Studios, Remco de Rooij, has assured those anxiously awaiting the release of Truck Driver that the title is in the “final stages of development”.

Trucking sim Truck Driver, heading soon to the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, features a seamless open world which will see you connect with a variety of people across different industries as you do your best to make your uncle proud as a fully fledged truck driver.

A recently held closed beta has enabled developer Triangle Studios to improve truck handling and audio as well as squash a few physics bugs too. The team have also concentrated their efforts on improving the garage by making the customisation feature more user-friendly.

Remco de Rooij also stated that the original map was scrapped as it wasn’t enough of a fun experience. As a result, an entirely rebuilt one was constructed featuring more variety in landscapes, buildings and defined areas. Truck Driver’s map may not be particularly large but it is promised to have good diversity.

You can view the very first development update video hosted by Remco de Rooij below.

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