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News Tron-inspired Distance on PS4, Xbox One and Wii U is “certainly a possibility”


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Game: Distance

Platform: PC, PS4

Publisher: Refract Studios

Release Date: 18/09/2018

Remember the free-to-play, Tron-inspired Nitronic Rush from indie developer Refract Studios? Bet you didn’t know it’s getting a spiritual successor under the name of Distance

In truth, we’ve known about Distance for quite some time – it was originally meant to be out last year, but the release keeps slipping, sadly. Shame, because Nitronic Rush’s unique blend of fast-paced survival racing gameplay fused with its vibrant Tron-esque visuals was heaps of fun, and Distance looks to expand on this with new elements that introduce flying in addition to the ability to jump, boost and rotate your futuristic vehicle around the city.

Like Nitronic Rush, Distance was originally slated to be exclusive PC, Mac and Linux. However, a recent enquiry from CinemaBlend reveals that the developers are at least thinking of porting it onto PS4, Xbox One and Wii U.

“We would love to see Distance on a console as a possibility in the future, but as of now we are only working on PC, Mac, and Linux,” a representative confirmed. “We want to emphasize that there is no guarantee that the game will be on a console, but it’s certainly a possibility”

We could definitely see this happening. Sony, for example, is actively embracing the indie community, and Distance would certainly fit the bill in the absence of indie driving games available on the platform; especially one as unique as Distance.

Refract Studios describe Distance as Trials Evolution + Rush 2049 + Halo + Tron. It’s not hard to see why when watching the gameplay video below:


Here’s our first look at their previous project Nitronic Rush from way back in 2012:



Would you like to see Distance land on consoles in the near future? Let us know in the comments below, on our FaceBook page or on our forum.

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