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News Triple screen coverage preview – how racing games were made to be played


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It's been a long time in coming, but at long last VVV has finally joined the PC racing scene thanks to Alan's new gargantuan gaming PC enabling us to bring you coverage on all the sims that are dominating the PC simulation genre, plus a chance to play a few existing titles how they were meant to be played. By that, we mean running on maximum settings with a triple screen and ProCam to maximise the immersion. 

As demonstrated in Alan's preview video of his enviable racing rig, a triple screen completely transforms your racing game experience, offering far greater immersion and heightened sense of speed, not to mention other advantages that can improve your driving as you can see the apex of every corner.  

Expect a raft of triple screen racing game-related content coming soon, but in the meantime I'll let Alan take us for a spin in Codemasters' F1 2013 and Grid 2 as a taster. Codemasters games are particularly well optimised for PC, boasting superior graphics to their console counterparts and noticabely smoother frame rates, unsurprisingly. By comparison, Grid 2 had a comparatively choppy frame rate on PS3 hampering the experience significantly, which was one of my main criticisms in our Grid 2 review

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