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News Trackmania2 Lagoon out now for PC


Kevin Dooley


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Trackmania2 Lagoon is now available for the PC, bringing with it a brand new 65-track campaign as well as six multiplayer game modes.

trackmania2 lagoonTrackmania2 Lagoon grants players the opportunity to create new tracks and events in its tropical themed setting.

Additionally, a new update has been launched for the Maniaplanet platform which adds a number of new features and tools for players to essentially create their own single-player campaigns.

The Maniaplanet 4 update adds a number of under-the-hood improvements to boost game performance, as well as free access to a new channel system for discovering user-generated content and connecting with other players. Players will also notice key differences in their games; in addition to new textures and features, the Chase team mode is now available in all Trackmania2 titles, while Shootmania Storm players get new weapons, vehicles, and a new Warlords game mode.”

Trackmania2 Lagoon is available on Steam, Uplay, and Maniaplanet right now, check out the trailer below.

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