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News Tour Moscow in a McLaren 12C with latest World of Speed trailer


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Game: World of Speed

Platform: PC, PS3, XB360

Publisher: Ideasoft Interactive

Release Date: 22/08/2017

An all-new trailer for World of Speed has been released, showcasing an example of how accurate the game's cars and tracks are to their real life counterparts.

Christned appropriately the "McLaren in Moscow" trailer, the reel splices together in-game and real footage of the McLaren 12C supercar, as it tours the actual and World of Speed city centre of the Russian capital.

The trailer also briefly alludes 19 seconds into the trailer that a time of day transition feature may be available in World of Speed, though developer Slightly Mad Studios has yet to confirm its appearance in the game.

World of Speed is an upcoming free-to-play PC racing game, currently being developed by Slightly Mad Studios alongside its other driving title Project CARS. The closed beta test for World of Speed has yet to commence, though prospective players can register for a place by signing up on the official World of Speed website.

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