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News Top-down racer Roadclub: League Racing released on Early Access


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Game: Roadclub: League Racing

Platform: PC

Publisher: Solid Core

Release Date: 08/01/2019

The top-down retro-inspired racer Roadclub: League Racing has recently appeared on Steam’s Early Access programme.

Roadclub League Racing top down racing game micro machines retro steamThe game, available now for £3.99, was inspired by famous racing titles like Micro Machines, Death Rally and Super Cars II to name a few. The main focus of Roadclub: League Racing (if the name didn’t already give it away) is its racing clubs where members will be expected to fight their way to the top division in a league system.

You start your career with a primitive car, from here you can challenge members to races whilst upgrading and collecting cars. Gaining promotion through the divisions will earn you additional cars, tracks and leagues as you make your way to the very top to take on the Roadclub Master.

All cars can be upgraded up to ten times with engine, weight reduction and nitro power upgrades available. Every subsequent upgrade on a particular part is more expensive than the last and so you’ll need to weigh up the pros and cons before spending your hard-earned cash.

Sadly no online multiplayer component exists for this game which would seem tailor-made for a title of this nature. Indie developer Solid Core simply do not have the resources to make this a possibility, however there is a local multiplayer mode along with the traditional single player experience which should provide some fun moments.

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