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News Thrustmaster unveils Ferrari GTE rim for T300 wheel


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Thrustmaster has revealed its first PS4-compatible wheel design: the T300 Ferrari GTE.

Based off the 458 Challenge wheel, the Ferrari GTE is the latest in a long line of Ferrari-branded Thrustmaster products, and currently compatible exclusively for the PC, PS3 and PS4

Feature-wise, the Ferrari GTE – a 7:10 replica of the same wheel used in the highly succesful Ferrari 458 GTE racing car, according to Thrustmaster – contains a built-in d-pad, a set of six 'action buttons' and the obligatory manettino dial, dotted around the main hub of the wheel.

To make the most of the rim's PS4 compatability, both the PS and Share buttons are also included on the 458 GTE rim, allowing users to "make the most of the innovative new social functions of the PS4 system".

Other noteworthy tech specs for the GTE include a dual-belt force feedback system, and the ability to adjust the steering rotation from 270 degrees right up to 1080 degrees.

Thrustmaster's T300 Ferrari GTE wheel will go on sale on August 15th later this year, at the suggested retail figure (including taxes) of €369.99.

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