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News Thrustmaster TX Xbox One wheel features detachable rim


Martin Bigg


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Thrustmaster's TX Racing Wheel Ferrari F458 Italia Edition for Xbox One is starting to look increasingly promising as new features are announced. 

The latest development comes with the announcement that the TX will sport a detachable wheel rim, allowing players to swap over wheels easily with Thrustmaster's Quick Release system – a feature that is becoming common for high-end units, as demonstrated with Fanatec's Formula Rim.  


Other recently confirmed features include the use of a Binder ID detection indicator light for Kinect and an industrial-class brushless motor powering the force feedback.

As Thrustmaster continue to release these teasers slowly revealing new information about the TX Xbox One wheel, there's still plenty of questions that remain unanswered – namely PC compatibility and whether or not the pedal set, which have yet to be unveiled, will sport a clutch. 

We'll be sure to keep you informed on any developments here on the Team VVV website. 

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