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News Thrustmaster T-GT racing wheel revealed in full at E3 2017


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Thrustmaster's eagerly-anticipated, Gran Turismo Sport tie-in T-GT racing wheel has been unveiled in full at this year's E3 expo.

Positioned as the "highest of high-end wheels" in Thrustmaster's current racing wheel line-up, the Thrustmaster T-GT is set to launch alongside Gran Turismo Sport – with, as a result, a high chance of the release date being disclosed during Sony's E3 press conference.

Most of the main focal points in the official Thrustmaster statement on the T-GT are focused on the wheel's force feedback simulation technologies. Alongside a new motor design and wheel linearity system that allegedly improve the fiedelity of the feedback being transmitted through the wheel rim, the T-GT also features Thrustmaster's new 'T-DFB' system.

Designed to work exclusively on Gran Turismo Sport, the T-DFB depth feedback setup is claimed to provide even more clarity and feedback through the wheel over a standard force feedback wheel array. According to Thrustmaster, T-DFB will allow users to notice effects such as tyre adhesion, weight transfer, road surface feedback and "other paramaters specific to each vehicle and circuit".

The Thrustmaster T-GT's wheel rim is also worthy of note. As speculated when the then-anonymous T-GT was spotted at the Gran Turismo Sport launch event, the four rotary selectors on the wheel hub can be used to adjust the brake balance, stability assist strength, torque distribution and even the fuel injection mapping on the fly. Likewise, the two mini-sticks on the T-GT hub can be used to navigate menus, as well as tailor the viewpoint positioning and perspective to the user's liking.

Whilst an official lauch date has yet to be officially disclosed, Thrustmaster has confirmed the T-GT racing wheel will be sold at a suggested retail price of £699.99. Included in the price are the Thrustmaster T-GT wheel base, the Thrustmaster T-GT wheel rim, the T3PGT three-pedal set and a power supply.

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