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News Thrustmaster announce the T300 RS: the first official force feedback wheel for PS4


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While Xbox One players have been enjoying Forza Motorsport 5 with the Thrustmaster TX 458 Italia Wheel, PS4 players are still waiting for an equivalent racing peripheral. Yes, there's the  DriveClub T80 already available, but its lack of force feedback is a deadl-breaker for hardcore racing game enthusiasts. Then again, there aren't any racing games available on PS4 that warrant a wheel yet anyway.

With DriveClub, Project CARS and The Crew being released in a cluster throughout October and November (well thought out marketing there), a force feedback will be a vital accessory for serious racing games to get the full immersive experience. Enter the Thrustmaster T300 RS; the first official force feedback wheel for PS4. It will also support PS3 and PC. 

It features the same brushless force feedback motor technology seen in the TX, with steering rotation that can be adjusted from 270 up to 1080 degrees.

The wheel measures at 28 cm / 11 inches in diameter and weighs 1.2 kg / 2.6 lbs, with brushed metal central spokes and reinforced textured rubber cladding. All of the PS4's official Dual Shock 4 buttons are accessible including the PS, Share and Options to make use of the console's online social sharing functions. 

A quick release system allows you to swap wheel rims, with support for the Ferrari F1 Wheel Add-on, Ferrari GTE Wheel Add-on and T500 RS GT Wheel. 

Unlike the T500 RS, the paddles, which are 100% metal measuring at 13 cm / 5 inches in height, move with the wheel, but you can fit the Base Fixed Paddle Shifters kit  if you prefer static paddles. . 

As for the pedals, the T300 RS pedal set are constructed from metal and are fully adjustable in height and spacing, with up to six possible positions. per pedal. The brake pedal also features progressive resistance.

Our only gripe is that the default pedal package doesn't have a clutch, compared to the pedals included with the T500 RS. However, if this is an issue, the two pedal set can be replaced with Thrusmaster's T3PA or T500RS three pedal sets and the TH8A and TH8RS shifters. 

The T300 RS will be released August 15, 2014 for €369.99, giving PS4 players plenty of time to stock up before they'll be spoiled for choice of racing games later this year. 

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