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News THQ Nordic acquires the “Carmageddon” IP from Stainless Games


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THQ Nordic continues to expand its portfolio with the acquisition of the “Carmageddon” IP from the UK based Stainless Games.

The acquisition itself is being handled by THQ Nordic AB, based in Karlstad, Sweden, and daily operations (sales and distribution, evaluation of sequels & new content etc.) will be done via THQ Nordic GmbH in Vienna, Austria and/or GmbH in Giebelstadt, Germany, respectively.

“This deal allows Carmageddon to find the home that it deserves”, declared Patrick Buckland, Executive Chairman and Founder of Stainless. “As an independent developer we have invested a huge amount of time and money into the brand since reacquiring it in 2012, but we have never had the resources to maximise its exploitation. It is our intention to work with THQ Nordic moving forwards, allowing Carmageddon to find its rightful place in the video games pantheon.”

“Carmageddon finally crashed its way into our portfolio. Some pedestrians and a couple of members of the Bovinae subfamily might have (virtually) been killed in the process” added Jan Binsmaier, Publishing Director at THQ Nordic. “With over twenty years of franchise history, and yes, I feel a little older just saying this, and such a passionate and dedicated fan-base worldwide, we are confident we hit the right target.”

Buckland added “This is the start of a new chapter in the story of one of the world’s most anarchic game brands”. Binsmaier concluded by observing that “We are proud of every single addition to the franchise catalogue, so it goes without saying that this is the case here, too”.

Last month THQ Nordic acquired Bugbear Entertainment – the developers of Wreckfest.

According to reports, THQ Nordic acquired 90% of Bugbear Entertainment’s shares, with an option available to acquire the full 100% in the future. The deal including the development studio and all intellectual property rights including the Wreckfest title which is currently scheduled for a console release next year.

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