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Gamescom should be a gamer's gateway to seeing hundreds of games months before release. However, the reality is that actually getting to play some of the more popular games at the show (i.e. just about anything published by EA) is another matter entirely. Fact is, Gamescom would be great if it wasn't swamped with so many cursid people

Indeed, being a public exhibition Gamescom is notorious for its overcrowding as thousands and thousands of eager gamers descend onto the showfloor to the point it's practically part of the experience. So we thought we'd show you first hand what it's actually like to trawl through, as Alan provides some first hand footage of his experience wading through the congested crowds lurking at every hall.

It goes without saying, then, that you have to be prepared to wait in some epicly long queues if you want to play the hottest games. Case in point: want to get your hands on Need for Speed? The waiting time in the queue was apparently 4 hours of soul suffering. Rather you than me.

Stay tuned for more as we start to wrap up our remaining Gamescom coverage.

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