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News There’s no plans for Project CARS to release on Nintendo Switch


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Cast your mind back to before the release of Project CARS and you may remember developer Slightly Mad Studios fully intended the racing sim to release on the Nintendo Wii U platform.

However over time the development team did hint that they may skip the Wii U and launch instead for Nintendo's upcoming console known back then as the "NX". Fears were founded just two months later as Project CARS was officially scrapped on the Wii U. At least fans can look forward to a release on the Nintendo Switch, right?

Unfortunately this doesn't seem to be the case. A fan recently took to Twitter and asked Slightly Mad Studios whether Project CARS will be coming to the Switch, to which they replied “Currently there are no plans for a Nintendo Switch version of Project CARS”. You can view the tweet below.

It's disappointing news considering there seemed to be a real possibility that the sim would indeed be available for a Nintendo platform at some point. It looks like Project CARS and Nintendo were just never meant to be, let us know in the comments what you make of the whole thing.

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