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News The TeamVVV Podcast Episode 23: WipEout, GT Sport, Star Wars VR


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Welcome to another installment of the TeamVVV Podcast for all your weekly raicng game rambles – now with added video. 

This week's episode was dominated by the PlayStation Experience Event, which brought us the surprise announcement of WipEout Omega Collection. While the series' belated debut on PS4 should be a very exciting prospect indeed, we can't help but wish it was a true sequel rather than a re-release of WipEout HD. We also got a new Gran Turismo Sport trailer, but it's still struggling to win us over. 

One thing we are are currently loving, however, is the Star Wars Battlefront: Rogue One X-Wing VR Experience developed by Criterion Games. We're serious Star Wars fans here at VVV, so the combination of Star Wars and VR is a winning formula – particularly when it's executed so masterfuly. 

We also discuss various new and upcoming releases, including the Assetto Corsa Porsche Pack Vol 3, the Forza Horizon 3 Logitech G Car Pack, the Ride 2 Ducati DLC Pack, iRacing's upcoming dirt content and quirky indie title Drive!Drive!Drive!

Every week we are planning to host a weekly Q&A sessions at the end of each episode, so if you have any questions for us feel free to ask us in the comments or contact us on FaceBook or Twitter


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