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News The Subaru BRZ revealed for World of Speed


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Game: World of Speed

Platform: PC, PS3, XB360

Publisher: Ideasoft Interactive

Release Date: 22/08/2017

Slightly Mad Studios have revealed that the Subaru BRZ will join the ever expanding car list for the upcoming PC racer World of Speed

The sports coupe from Subaru will join over 20 other cars already officially announced for World of Speed which includes

just a few (of my favourites).

The screenshots released by Slightly Mad Studios show off some of the styling options available for the Subaru BRZ which includes a huge 'love it or hate it' style spoiler. The BRZ, which produces 200 bhp, will hit 100 km/h in 7.5 seconds and keep on accelerating on to its top speed of 226 km/h.

Slightly Mad Studios released a statement back in March which told fans the World of Speed beta would not appear until the second half of 2015 at least. The extra time will enable the dev team to work on areas of the game such as steer-ability, physics and game progression. There's still no further news on the status of the beta since the statement but rest assured we'll update you as soon as we know more.

More BRZ screenshots below, do you like the BRZ's huge spoiler? 

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