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News The Racing Game Chronicles – Split/Second (2010)


And in the second part of my Racing Game Chronicles two-part special, I look at the 2010 Arcade "Explosion-Up" racer that was "Split/Second Velocity" on the Xbox 360, from Blackrock Studio.

Blackrock had come off the excellent and stupidly underrated "PURE" from 2008, and their third 360 racing game was pretty darn good too, despite its flaws, and it had one very entertaining anf unique format I really enjoyed.

Two extra notes here, I scripted this review, only the 2nd time I've done that for an RGC episode recently. Let me know if you prefered this style of review. Also, a massive thank you to Andre Bauhofer, who donated the copy to the channel, its support like that which makes me proud I'm doing this.

Enjoy the review! 

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