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News The Racing Game Chronicles – Project Gotham Racing 4 (2007)


Hey everyone, Dre here again with another episode of The Racing Game Chronicles, and in this episode, I go back to October 2007, and Project Gotham Racing 4, the last in the series from the sadly no longer with us, Bizarre Creations. (Fun Fact: Bizarre were one of my favourite developers, Geometry Wars, PGR and Boom Boom Rocket were three of my favourites from the early 360 days)

I take a look at why I think PGR4 does just about everything right as an Arcade racing game, from the incredible levels of detail to an unrivalled sense of fun and glamour. And also, why I think it's the only game to get the balance between cars and bikes (In the same game no less), all the more impressive, and just about on the money.

Because, let's be honest, any game where you can drive around the Nurburgring Nordschleife in the snow, in a Ferrari Enzo FXX, must be doing something right. Right?

Let me know what you thought of PGR4 in the comments below!


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