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News The Racing Game Chronicles – Blur (2010)


In the latest episode of The Racing Game Chronicles, I move back to 2010, and cover one half of the head-to-head Arcade game shootout that took place in May of that year, with Bizarre Creations "powered-up racing" arcader "Blur", and Blackrock Studios reality-tv style destruction fest that was "Split/Second: Velocity". In this video, I cover one half of the battle, as I review Blur. 

Bizarre Creations, as I mentioned in my PGR4 video, are one of my favourite developers of racing games over the last decade, and its a real shame they're no longer around, as this game had serious potential to be an all-time classic, and at least, had the best multiplayer I've ever played in a Racing game. Like the Call of Duty franchise in its prime.

Watch and enjoy the full review, and if you liked what you heard, feel free to head on over to my channel and Subscribe!

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