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News The latest KartKraft video has to be seen to be believed


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Game: KartKraft

Platform: PC, PS4, XBox One

Publisher: Black Delta

Release Date: Q3 2019 (PS4 & XBOX ONE)

KartKraft has today received a new update bringing the Herman Tilke designed Atlanta Motorsports Park as part of build of the karting simulator.

As you’d expect, a new gameplay video has also been released to show off the new track, and boy does the early access title look great right now.

The onboard camera highlights the realistic looking driver animations, the detailed textures and realistic lighting. We also get a good sense of the forces exerted on the kart driver at racing speeds.

Take a look for yourself below.

KartKraft is a realistic karting sim which brings the thrill of racing against 20 others in karts with rapid acceleration and no suspension whilst you experience those spine-bending g-forces. You can build a custom kart from the ground up thanks to over 60 components and 1000+ parts including axles, sprockets, rims, torsion bars and more.

Riders can look just as cool as their karts with all the latest gear from favourites such as Alpinestars, Arai, and Sparco to name but a few. Tracks are officially licensed and are scanned using the very same technology that is utilised in laser-guided missile systems which provides accuracy to “the millimetre”.

KartKraft is described by the developer Black Delta as being the “ultimate hotlapping competition”. Players can compare ranks with their friends, country, and the whole world thanks to the leaderboards system. Every lap is recorded and uploaded to the servers, allowing you to see exactly where your competitor brakes, turns and accelerates to gain those all-important tenths-of-seconds.

You can view the patch notes for today’s update below.


  • Atlanta Motorsports Park
  • The steering wheel can now be hidden in cockpit view


  • Updated Unreal Engine to 4.22.2
  • Fixed spinning chain bug introduced in the previous build
  • Fixed incorrect vehicle bounds causing erratic AI behaviour
  • VR crosshair now draws correctly in the main menu
  • Data logger shift lights now function correctly
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