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News The Grand Tour Game’s price slashed to just £11.99 days before launch


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Game: The Grand Tour Game

Platform: PS4, XBox One

Publisher: Amazon

Release Date: 15/01/2019

The Grand Tour Game is currently available to purchase on Amazon, PlayStation Store, and the Microsoft Store for just £11.99 – that’s less than half of its original price of £24.99.

Any drastic and last-minute discounts always raise cause for concern regarding a game’s pre-order numbers or general confidence in the product. Indeed, very little of the game has actually been revealed adding further fuel to the fire of doubt.

Fortunately, We won’t have to wait long to find out if the game is “ambitious but rubbish” as it launches on January 15 across the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 consoles.

Developed by Amazon Game Studios and Stellar Entertainment (Burnout Paradise: Remastered) The Grand Tour Game is based on the Amazon Prime series The Grand Tour.

The title will deliver episodic gameplay to coincide with the next series of The Grand Tour which starts on January 18, 2019. Stand out features for the game include four-player split-screen multiplayer and seamless show-to-gameplay transitions (which have been catching a few players out).

Will you take a punt on The Grand Tour Game at this price point? Do you have any concerns with the last-minute price drop?


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