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News The Crew’s 1.05 ‘Raid Live Update’ goes live, Raid Pack adds three new cars


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Game: The Crew

Platform: PC, PS4, XBox One

Publisher: Ubisoft

Release Date: 01/12/2014

The Crew's latest 1.05 update has just gone live, bringing with it a host of new additions, the biggest of which has to be the new 'Raid Car Pack'. The off-roading car pack consists of the following three cars:

2012 CADILLAC ESCALADE (available in: Full stock/Street/Perf/Dirt/Raid/Circuit specs)
"Like a palace on wheels, this stunning SUV is the vehicle of choice for celebrities all around the world! The Cadillac Escalade boasts a luxurious interior and responsive 6.2-liter V8 to back up its good looks with some old-fashioned grunt."

2011 VOLKSWAGEN TOUAREG NF (available in: Full stock/Dirt/Raid specs)
"An off-road luxury SUV with sports car performance, the Volkswagen Touareg NF became the most technically innovative VW ever, with a 340 brake horsepower engine to boot. This baby has the works!"

McLAREN F1 (available in: Full stock/Perf specs, what the F1 has to do with raid and offroading baffles me somewhat)
"The McLaren F1 redefined supercars for the 21st century and held the production car speed record at 243 mph. Experience this beauty’s off-the-wall design, including a central driving position and gold-plated engine!"

Other major additions include four new faction missions (one of which has a competition tied to it, more on that below), new specs added to seven existing cars (including a circuit spec RUF 3400K), and new chrome colours and lacquered interior customisation options.

Also included is a new connection detection tool  which aims to give players the option to troubleshoot any network setting issues from the game's user interface. The tool recommends the best settings which should improve the overall experience. 

Another neat update is the addition of trackIR which allows you to control the car camera using your head movements. There were also some inevitable bug fixes in the 1.05 update including fixing functionality problems with the T300 and T80 driving wheels on the Playstation 4, The Skyline GT-R's 6th gear is fixed, and there's stability improvements and more besides.

One of the new faction missions 'Jurassic Raid' comes with a competition from developers Ivory Tower. The competition will run from April 24-27 and will be rewarding the top 50 times on the Playstation 4 , Xbox One and PC platforms (sorry Xbox 360 users).

The prizes are below (Uplay linked account needed):

  • From the 1st to the 3rd top times, a Season Pass!
  • From the 4th to the 25th top times, 100,000 Crew Credits.
  • From the 26st to the 50th top times, 45,000 Crew Credits.

You can see the full v1.05 changelog below:

  • New features:

Perks can now be bought in the Headquarters with both Crew Credits and Bucks.

CADILLAC ESCALADE 2012 available in: Full stock/Street/Perf/Dirt/Raid/Circuit

VOLKSWAGEN TOUAREG NF 2011 available in: Full stock/Dirt/Raid 

  • 4 new faction missions are being added to the game:

Jurassic Raid: Raid (South)

Let it Snow: Raid (Mountain States) 

  • 7 new specs are being added to the game:

Ford F150 – RAID

Hummer H1 Alpha – STREET

Ford F-150 – CIRCUIT

Chrome colors as well as lacquered interiors are being added to the customization options. 

  • Connection Detection Tool:

The tool will also be recommending some changes to improve the quality of sessions in the game.

  • New UI options:

It’s now possible to “Show/Hide” the Police Unit (top center) & Geographical Names Unit (top center) with the “Display Mini Map in Free ride” option. 


  • PvP Changes:

Some PvP missions have had their checkpoints and distances redesigned in order to offer a better diversity in the pool of PvP events. The updated races are the following:

Race for Liberty – Shortened

Down the Drain (sprint) – Shortened

Dallas Showdown – Extended

Rushmore – Extended

Coastal Clash – Extended

Battle at the bay – Extended

Hill Climb Havoc – Extended

Golden Gate City – Extended

Sprint of Saint Louis – Extended

Lakeside loop – Extended

From the Valley – Extended

All these PvP missions have also had their rewards rescaled to better match their length.

  • TrackIR compatibility:


  • Bug fixing:

Fixed an issue related to the progression of certain Awards and Achievements.

For some Awards and Achievements, the progression was not correctly tracked and the Awards were not correctly completed.

Fixed an issue where some Faction Missions didn’t display the proper duration.

Example: the Faction Mission “The Fugitive” that was considered as a long mission (over an hour) has been changed to a medium mission (10-60 min), accordingly it has had its reward rescaled to the new duration.

Fixed some issues that were encountered when using text chat on PC.

General stability improvements.

Fixed an issue with the Chevrolet Silverado Circuit's flying into the air on some bumps.

  • Known issues:


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