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We take to the salt flats and have a go at some drag racing action in the Crew: Wild Run.

Using a rather striking blue RUF CTR3 we participate in three drag runs as part of the game's summit qualifiers. Drag racing is very simple in the Crew: Wild Run, first up you'll need to warm your tyres to optimum temperatures by accelerating to fill the bar to the left, aiming for the small green segment is purpose here.

Once your tyres are warm its all about waiting for the lights to go green and then hitting the accelerator. Perhaps the most difficult part is the gear changes – once you've put your foot to the floor on the green light it's not long before you need to change up into second which is then quickly following by third and fourth gear.

Beyond that you'll need to keep your car in a straight line and then hit the nitrous oxide button at the right time, which should be determined by several runs. Check out the drag racing in action in the video below and expect more The Crew: Wild Run videos in the near future.

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