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Game: The Crew

Platform: PC, PS4, XBox One

Publisher: Ubisoft

Release Date: 01/12/2014

Ubisoft Reflection's Driver San Francisco featured some of the most refreshingly innovative open world multiplayer modes thanks to its ingenious shift mechanic that allowed you to zoom out of the map and span instantaneously into other moving cars, making for some frantic, chaotic and unpredictable matches that often resembled the chase scene in The Matrix Reloaded.

It was therefore a an exciting prospect to learn that Ubisoft Reflections had joined forces with Ivory Tower to develop The Crew, as both teams have delivered some innovative online multiplayer portions in previous driving game projects. The Crew looks to raise the bar even further. 

With its preposterously massive map covering the entire US, The Crew will feature the largest open world in any driving game to date, and its potential for multiplayer madness cannot be downplayed. While the online game modes have yet to be announced, The Crew is primarily designed to be played with online teams and take on cooperative team-based missions.

Our latest E3 video takes another look at the demo of The Crew on display, featuring a team-based mission set in Miami where the objective is to takedown an enemy hummer. Join us as we embark on a high speed chase and enjoy some gratuitous property destruction as the chase barges through a packed beach – watching bystanders flee as the player ploughed through deck chairs instantly rekindled memories of the original Driver. 

t's safe to say we have high hopes of The Crew and its potential to further innovate the genre when it comes to online multiplayer. Combining Test Drive Unlimited's online open world exploration and Driver: San Francisco's action-packed chases and destruction, The Crew looks set to utilise both team's talents in a compelling way that takes full advantage of the next generation hardware. 

We'll have more content from The Crew soon. In the meantime, you can dIscuss The Crew in our online forum thread

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