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Alan Boiston

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If there’s one thing VR takes to the next level it’s the horror genre, now the addition of with room-scale VR, this generating a feeling of being in the action like never before. So it is with a feeling of dread that I put on the headset, turn up the volume and experience the Brookhaven Experiment demo. Still just a work in progress, this demo giving an insight in the potential of how awesome VR zombie experiences can be, with the realistic level of fear and life preservation it can generate.

The player is armed with just a handgun and a torch, zombies come from all sides, so you’ll need to be aware of all angles so they can’t sneak up on you. Of course this is easier said than done, visibility is low and despite being relatively slow, zombies are on top of you before you know it. Add to this that your handgun has limited bullets, so you’ll need to wait till the zombies get close before getting that all important head-shot. This lead to one of the games core sntrengths, the feeling proximity, special awareness and an invasiveness that only the VR experience generate. These are full size 6ft tall zombies, that and feel very real. Your heart rate increases, you sweat more but you’ll have to maintain your composure under pressure if you want to survive. Last minite headshots while the zombies are in arms reach is the key to success here. 

As the waves progress the player is offered all manner of upgrades, from glow sites, to laster sites, larger clips to grenades or additional tourch batteries if the darkness is just too much for you to bare. Add to this the bigger stronger monsters, the runners come at that player at speed when hit, or the 40ft giants who take a least a couple of magazines. It’s heart stopping action and relentless in its fear factor, right up until the end of the demo when a huge monster breaks out of a building and steps over the play area. 

As an early demo The Brookhaven Experience is shaping up nicely, with more locations and zombies planned for the full release, the developers have hit a real sweet spot in the market. Suffice to say I’ll be zombie trained to go through that fear again in late June, the things I do for VVV….

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