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News Test Drive Ferrari: Racing Legends shows signs of life in new trailer


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Game: Test Drive: Ferrari Racing Legends

Platform: PC, PS3

Publisher: Evolved Games

Release Date: 03/07/2012

Oh Test Drive: Ferrari Legends, why must you keep teasing us like this? We've been almost completely starved of information, screenshots and videos regarding Slightly Mad's suspiciously secrative title for the past few months, but fortunately things are hopefully starting to pick up. 

For one, we already know the complete car list, which encompasses Ferrari's entire history from vintage racecars rarely seen in driving games to their more familiar contemporary exotics that you've probably already driven to death in Forza Motorsport 4. 

Test Drive: Ferrari Racing Legends subsequently showed its face in the first official trailer last month and now at long last we have another trailer as the game presumably gets closer to a final release, which you can watch below:

The trailer is about what you would expect from a promotional video advertising a game full of Ferraris: extreme closeups of flashy Ferraris where every red pixel is rendered to perfection, whilst facts about the game race across the screen at 200 mph. "51 cars!" "39 tracks!" "Online multiplayer mode!" Erm, online multiplayer? Really? I should think so too!

Oh, it's probably also worth pointing out that whereas the new trailer clearly states there will be 51 Ferraris available, the previous trailer said 52. What's happened here? 

Still at least they got one thing right. At least this this time the trailer wasn't ruined with sinful dubstep dross, opting for a more fitting dramatic orchestral score that doesn't tarnish the Ferrari name. 

Test Drive: Ferrari Racing Legends undoubtably looks impressive from a graphical standpoint, but, crucially, at this point we still don't know how it handles. Many are fretting that the physics will be similar to that of Slightly Mad's previous project Shift 2: Unleashed, which tried to balance the depth of a  simulation physics model with the accessability of an arcade racer and got it a bit wrong.

Honestly, it would be a shame to see a game that lets you drive rare vintage F1 cars suffer with lackluster physics. We hope we're wrong, but judging by how poorly Test Drive: Ferrari Racing Legends has been marketed we're not holding our breath. 

Speaking of which, when is Test Drive: Ferrari Racing Legends out, you may ask? We're still none the wiser, although sources are pointing to a possible late June release. 

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