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In this week's news round-up, we celebrate the launch of Trials Fusion, RedLynx's latest entry in the notoriously tricky yet chronically addictive bike platform. It wasn't all plain sailing however, as Trials Fusion is the latest multiplatform release to perform better on PS4 than Xbox One – ironic when this is the first time the series has been released outside of a Microsoft platform. 

The other big talking point was Codemasters' new mystery racing game, after a teaser trailer hinted at a new Grid sequel, contrary to people's expectations of DiRT 4 being revealed. Is it Grid 3? Is it a Toca reboot? Or is it Grid 2 remastered with added cockpit camera? All will be revealed this Tuesday.

Elsewhere, our massive preview of The Crew went up, revealing new aspects of the game you may not have read about before, such as vehicle damage, licenced racetracks and the narrative. 

We also had some fun in the sand in BugBear's latest update for Next Car Game, adding some new tracks to the highly entertaining smash 'em up that still hasn't been officially named yet. 

All this and more can be found in the latest news round-up. Links to all articles discussed in the video can also be found below.

Trials Fusion runs at 1080p on PS4, 900p on Xbox One: /news/trials-fusion-runs-at-1080p-on-ps4-900p-on-xbox-one/

Racing is coming": Codemasters tease GRiD sequel announcement for next week: /news/racing-is-coming-codemasters-tease-grid-sequel-announcement-for-next-week/

When Worlds Collide: hands-on with The Crew: /features/when-worlds-collide-hands-on-with-the-crew/

The Crew was written by former writers of Red Dead Redemption and GTA Vice City: /news/the-crew-was-written-by-former-writers-of-red-dead-redemption-and-gta-vice-city/

Will virtual reality revolutionise racing games?/features/will-virtual-reality-revolutionise-racing-games/

DriveClub's Game Director clarifies 2014 release, wheel support and microtransactions/news/driveclubs-game-director-clarifies-2014-release-wheel-support-and-microtransactions/

Next Car Game update adds new Sandpit track, new derby arenas and replay mode: /news/next-car-game-update-adds-new-sandpit-track-new-derby-arenas-and-replay-mode/

Lotus Evora track car duo and 'Race Weekend' mode arrive in Assetto Corsa: /news/lotus-evora-track-car-duo-and-race-weekend-mode-arrive-in-assetto-corsa/

Kartsim enters Steam Greenlight, new trailer released: /news/kartsim-enters-steam-greenlight-new-trailer-released/

Fanatec working on "insanely cool new addition" to the ClubSport Wheel Base: /news/fanatec-working-on-insanely-cool-new-addition-to-the-clubsport-wheel-base/

2014 GT Academy to race into action on April 21st: /news/2014-gt-academy-to-race-into-action-on-april-21st/

Polyphony Digital starts clamping down on Gran Turismo 6 modders: /news/polyphony-digital-starts-clamping-down-on-gran-turismo-6-modders/

New Jet Car Stunts trailer gets ready for launch in early May: /news/new-jet-car-stunts-trailer-gets-ready-for-launch-in-early-may/

Wreck’em Racing debuts on iOS and Android:’


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