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In this week's Weekly Racing Video Game News, DriveClub shows signs of life as we finally learn its belated due date, get treated to a new triumphant trailer and learn some new all-important details. But is it too little too late? 

Along with the release date, we also got the answer to the other most frequently asked DriveClub question: it will only run at 30fps I'm afraid.

Still, DriveClub isn't the only racing game that will be pulling up on PS4 this year, despite the current drought. It so happens that popular PC sim Project CARS is being ported to PS4 on release, and new screenshots confirm that the PS4 version will retain the PC's proposterously pretty visuals

It's fair to say that most of us are probably finished with Gran Turismo 6, but some upcoming commemorative Ayrton Senna content gives us the perfect excuse to dust it off once more. 

All this and more can be found in the latest Weekly Racing Video Game News round-up embedded below. As always, links to all articles discussed in the video can also be found below.


‘DriveClub release date officially confirmed for October 2014, new trailer and screens revealed: /news/driveclub-release-date-officially-confirmed-for-october-2014-new-trailer-and-screens-revealed/

DriveClub will run at 30fps and 1080p: /news/driveclub-will-run-at-30fps-and-1080p/

Evolution explains why 
DriveClub was delayed:

DriveClub PS+ Edition will "only have ten cars" from launch: /news/driveclub-ps-edition-will-only-have-ten-cars-from-launch/

Commemorative Ayrton Senna content coming to Gran Turismo 6 in "late May" 2014: /news/commemorative-ayrton-senna-content-coming-to-gran-turismo-6-in-late-may-2014/

Gran Turismo 5's last ever Seasonal Events to launch on May 1st: /news/gran-turismo-5s-last-ever-seasonal-events-to-launch-on-may-1st/

First official Project CARS screenshots on PS4 emerge: /news/first-official-project-cars-screenshots-on-ps4-emerge/

Difficulty bonuses, driver assists and racing lines confirmed for GRID Autosport: /news/difficulty-bonuses-driver-assists-and-racing-lines-confirmed-for-grid-autosport/

Mario Kart 8 tracklist revealed: /news/mario-kart-8-tracklist-revealed/

Maserati to make Auto Club Revolution debut in upcoming "major update": /news/maserati-to-make-auto-club-revolution-debut-in-upcoming-major-update/

Mad Max trailer introduces the Magnum Opus: /news/mad-max-trailer-introduces-the-magnum-opus/

Mad Max's Magnum Opus made for real by West Coast Customs:’

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