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For all the news in racing games this week, don't miss the weekly round-up.

This week's major racing game news was of course the predictible but nonetheless significant announcement of MotoGP '14, Milestone's follow-up to last year's MotoGP '13 that marks their next generation debut featuring a new graphics engine, redesigned audio and an apparently revolutionised multiplayer. But while it will be released on PS4, the internet wasn't too happy about it failing to appear on Xbox One.  

Elsewhere, we had the release of the Need for Speed film, a Fast and Furious clone starring Breaking Bad's Aaron Paul. I've yet to see it myself yet, but it looks like a pretty good petrolhead popcorn flick, if all you want to see is exotic supercars being raced and destroyed for 2 hours. Coinciding with the film's release was yet more DLC for Need for Speed: Rivals, packing in three cars that starred in the film. And yes, they still cost a small fortune, so those with ridiculous amounts of disposable income need only apply.  

Then we had our weekly update on DriveClub, with the news that there's still no news on its long-overdue due date. Sony have since said that they went back to the drawing board during the delay in order to make it 'great.' Hopefully this time next week we will finally be able to report a release date, as it is rumoured to be announced at GDC along with Sony's VR headset.

Elsewhere on the PC sim racing front, there was another licensing agreement for Project CARS and the possibility of a new rally simulation coming this year with the remergance of gRally from a Richard Burns Rally modding team. And let's not forget our potential new game of the year candidate.

All this and more can be found in this 17th episode of the weekly news round-up. Links to all articles discussed in the video can also be found below.  


MotoGP '14 announced for next-gen/news/motogp-14-announced-for-next-gen/ 

New MXGP screenshots showcase Latvian Kegums track/news/new-mxgp-screenshots-showcase-latvian-kegums-track/ 

MXGP GAME pre-order includes exclusive behind the scenes book: /news/mxgp-game-pre-order-includes-exclusive-behind-the-scenes-book/ 

Need for Speed Movie tie-in DLC released for Need for Speed: Rivals: /news/need-for-speed-movie-tie-in-dlc-released-for-need-for-speed-rivals/ 

Alex Ward speaks out on Nintendo and EA's mishandling of Need for Speed: Most Wanted/news/alex-ward-speaks-out-on-nintendo-and-eas-mishandling-of-need-for-speed-most-wanted/ 

Sony has gone ‘Back to the Drawing Board’ to make DriveClub ‘Great’: /news/sony-has-gone-back-to-the-drawing-board-to-make-driveclub-great/ 

Slightly Mad Studios announces Bentley licence for Project CARS: /news/slightly-mad-studios-announces-bentley-licence-for-project-cars/ 

BMW 1 Series M Coupe makes Project CARS debut in Build 679: 

Kunos Simulazioni teases Pagani Huayra's imminent arrival in Assetto Corsa: /news/kunos-simulazioni-teases-pagani-huayras-imminent-arrival-in-assetto-corsa/ 

DTM Experience DLC released for RaceRoom Racing Experience: /news/dtm-experience-dlc-released-for-raceroom-racing-experience/ 

Multi-monitor support comes to Gran Turismo 6 in 1.05 update/news/multi-monitor-support-comes-to-gran-turismo-6-in-1-05-update/ 

Super Mario Kart set for digital re-release on Wii U on March 27/news/super-mario-kart-set-for-digital-re-release-on-wii-u-on-march-27/ 

Mario Kart 8 Limited Edition includes swanky Spiky Shell statue /news/mario-kart-8-limited-edition-includes-swanky-spiky-shell-statue/ 

Batman: Arkham Knight lets you drive the Batmobile: /news/batman-arkham-knight-lets-you-drive-the-batmobile/ 

gRally simulation revived?/news/grally-simulation-revived/ 

Towtruck Simulator 2015 parks on Steam…in Q1 2014/news/towtruck-simulator-2015-parks-on-steam-in-q1-2014/ 


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